Triton 200 Dilution Refigrator

Our group studies nano-scale devices down to very low temperatures ~ 10 mK. We particularly look at 

  • Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS)

NEMS are microscopic analogs of a guitar string. A large guitar string vibrates at audible frequencies whereas these systems resonate from radio frequency to microwaves. We probe phenomena like quantum friction in these systems.

 A bucked NEMS device and Guitar string
A bucked NEMS device and Guitar string

  • 2-D electron systems and metallic nanowires.

In these systems, we probe spin currents as opposed to charging transport. This is expected to shed light on e-e interactions and spin-orbit effects in various systems.

  • Superconducting microwave circuits

We use these devices to study NEMS and other hybrid systems. We are also building single photon sensors for some experiments in quantum optics.